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Walled Lake Consolidated Schools

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District Goals


Our Mission

In partnership with parents and community, is to become the best educational system in America so all students demonstrate they are caring, responsible, and knowledgeable citizens.

District Goals

Student Success

Ensure that every student is able to reach his/her potential by focusing on:

  • Academic and personal success
  • Ensuring instructional strategies and practices are research-based and meet the needs of all learners
  • Collaboration and innovation among all members of our school community
  • The needs of all learners, and developing action plans to help support those needs
  • Using data as a means to help drive instruction and planning
  • Supporting best practices, proven interventions and the professional development of our teachers and administrators

Fiscal Responsibility

Ensure long-term fiscal health of the District while maximizing dollars available for the classroom and encouraging innovation and the implementation of proven strategies and programs by:

  • Developing budgets that are focused and centered on student achievement goals
  • Continuing efficiency and collaboration efforts

Community Outreach

In partnership with parents and the community, students and staff continually demonstrate they are caring, responsible and knowledgeable citizens, by:

  • Including the community in school and District events, activities and efforts
  • Involving parents and the community in decisions that affect and benefit the WLCSD
  • Communicating information to the community to build awareness of WLCSD
  • Providing opportunities for our community to be involved in the District
  • Building partnerships with diverse organizations to mutually strengthen the District and the communities we serve

Positive District Culture

Ensure that students are able to thrive in a culture that is safe and positive for them, for staff, for parents, and for our community by:

  • Creating a culture of safety and social well-being
  • Promoting “no tolerance” standards for, bullying, harassment, and other unacceptable behaviors
  • Ensuring that schools and facilities are maintained to the highest degree
  • Expecting students, staff, and the entire school community to demonstrate respect for one another
  • Expecting students, staff, and the entire school community to communicate, model, and reinforce, standards of ethical conduct and responsible global citizenship
  • Continuing to ensure our schools are safe learning environments by annually reviewing Safety Plans; collaborating with local law enforcement officials; and, cultivating an overall culture of “safety first”