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Walled Lake Consolidated Schools

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Superintendent Dr. John Bernia

Dr. John Bernia was chosen by the Walled Lake Schools Board of Education as Superintendent. He brings with him a combined 19 years in public education with 14 years as a school administrator as well as an Ed.D in Organizational Leadership from Oakland University.

For the last 6 years, Dr. Bernia has been a member of the senior leadership team in one of the state’s largest, most diverse districts, Warren Consolidated Schools. In addition to his day-to-day responsibilities of supervising and leading building administrators, the curriculum department, the Special Education department, public relations, and student services, he worked directly with the superintendent. His role gave him deep experience in leading work with bond projects, negotiations, budgeting, millage campaigns, crisis management, strategic planning, and board policy.

In 2015, he was selected by the National Association of Secondary School Principals as one of their “Digital Principals of the Year.” This afforded him the opportunity to travel the country and to participate in national conversations about issues in education. This perspective was further strengthened when he had the opportunity to interact with other national groups such as the Education Research and Development Institute, and Prodigy games.

Dr. Bernia is committed to working with the Walled Lake community in a transparent way to foster an environment where students and staff thrive.  He is dedicated to listening and engaging all stakeholders to create opportunities for all students.

Dr. Bernia's Executive Assistant

Liza Sovel

Latest from Dr. Bernia

Dr. Bernia wishes everyone a wonderful winter break.

Superintendent Evaluation Form

The Revised School Code requires school boards to evaluate their superintendent's job performance annually as part of a comprehensive performance evaluation system that takes into account student growth data and requires certain additional factors. MASB is pleased to provide this superintendent evaluation instrument based on the requirements of the Revised School Code. The instrument provides school districts a straightforward option for superintendent evaluation. It may be used alone or in conjunction with a facilitated evaluation.