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Tips for Improving Typing Skills

  1. To improve your typing skills, sit properly at the desk. Make sure your chair is comfortable, and your back is straight. Keep your wrists off the keyboard.
  2. You should memorize the layout of the keyboard. That usually takes time as you are learning the symbols on the layout of the keyboard. During your typing session, don't forget to pause and stretch your hands and yourself. My recommendation is to do it every 40 or 60 minutes.
  3. Always do warm up exercises, which can be found in typing books or the Internet. This will alert your mind on the layout of the keyboard.
  4. Don't worry about speed at first. Practice for accuracy. Once you are comfortable with the layout, speed will naturally come with practice.
  5. Practice at your own pace. The most important key is never to give up.
  6. Pick a good chair that supports your back and sit up straight.
  7. Do not rest your hands on the keyboard. There are pads for wrist placement, but hands should be above the keyboard.
  8. Have your keyboard at the right height. It should be comfortable with no reaching. Your keyboard should extend out from your arms.
  9. Tap on each key crisply but lightly. If you use minimum force (don't bang on the keys), your fingers will move faster.
  10. Type as quickly as you are able, but don't "try" too hard or force your speed or you'll make many mistakes.
  11. Relax!
  12. Use proper posture, sit upright.
  13. Keyboard/monitor positioning: your wrist, elbows and keyboard should be on the same horizontal plane, and at a 90 degree angle to your upper arms.
  14. The top of your screen should be near eye level.
  15. Stretch your wrists and fingers before starting a typing test (don't laugh, it does help!).
  16. If you don't use the correct fingers you will never learn how to touch-type or typing without looking at the keyboard.