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Josh Peeples (Central '99)

Josh Peeples playing the snare drum on the court for the Orlando Magic

Josh Peeples is a 1999 graduate of Walled Lake Central HS. While at Central, he was a member of the Walled Lake Central Marching Band. After high school, he pursued his BA in communications at Michigan State University. After putting his education on hold to pursue his career in music, he recently enrolled online at the University of Arizona where he is finishing his BA in communications.

After high school, Josh performed in the MSU Drumline, the Phantom Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps, NorthCoast Academy, and the Detroit Pistons Drumline. From 2000-2017, he worked as a percussion instructor with numerous groups and that eventually led him to Orlando, FL. In 2009, he learned from a fellow instructor that Walt Disney World was having an audition for drummers. While not selected for that role, the talent-casting scouts thought he would be a great fit for a different show - Da JAMMitors. This was a full circle moment because at 14 years old he had dreamed of being in Da JAMMitors after seeing them perform. “This is a perfect example of why people should always go to auditions,” said Josh. “You never know what you could be cast for, and it could be a dream come true. It was for me!”

Josh has had an active drumming career including working on stage with incredible talent like Keith Urban, Becky G., Derek and Julianne Hough. He has been a group leader of his current performing group, The Green Army Drum Corps at Walt Disney World and is the founder (2009) and a current member of the Orlando Magic Drumline, “Magic Beatz”. Additionally, he lived and performed at Tokyo Disney Resort in Tokyo, Japan from 2011-2013. He especially enjoys interacting with the guests that are with the “Make-A-Wish” foundation. They are the moments that make his job so rewarding.

Josh Peeples with Walled Lake Central band director Dave Rogers

In his personal time, he likes to go to Sea World (and, of course, Disney World) with his wife and two-year old daughter, Harlee. He also loves to fish, both fresh water and salt. He is a huge sneakerhead with a massive sneaker collection. On occasion, he also collaborates with a co-worker on writing drumline music for various online music libraries.

Josh moved to Walled Lake at the end of his sophomore year. Already a drummer, he was eager to join the Walled Lake Central Marching Band (WLCMB). When he met Mr. Dave Rogers and the rest of the band, he immediately felt that he belonged. In fact, he chose to stay in Walled Lake with another family even after his parents relocated. The band literally became his family.

He graduated high school and became the first member of his family to attend a major university. “I would not be where I am today without being inspired by Dave Rogers and being a member of the WLCMB,” said Josh. “Mr. Rogers' amazing passion, enthusiasm, excitement, and love for his students continues to inspire and I know I am just one example of the many lives that he has influenced in such a positive way. Thank you to Mr. Rogers and the Walled Lake Central Marching Band for being my forever family.”