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Stephen Mazurek (Northern '09)

Stephen Mazurek (Northern '09)

Stephen Mazurek is a 2009 graduate of Walled Lake Northern HS. While at Northern, he was a member of the German Club/Exchange Program and played JV Hockey for one year. Stephen’s real passion was paintball.  He has competed in tournaments since he was 13.

After high school, he attended community college but, between traveling and having his mind on paintball, learned that college was not for him. He found a job at an e-waste recycling company in Detroit, where he could grow while having time to pursue his dream of competing in paintball at the top level. Within two years, he went from a scrap yard worker and a young kid on a paintball team, called 810 TL, to the company manager of operations and paintball team captain.

In 2014, he had an opportunity to try out for the Camp Pendleton Raiders paintball team based in San Diego. He made the team and never looked back! In order to support his lifestyle in California, he used the skills he learned in Michigan to take a supply chain position for a frozen dessert company called Arctic Zero.

Unfortunately, when the pandemic hit, Stephen’s position was impacted. He then made a big career change to work as a realtor.  In his first year, he sold over $7 million in volume and, after 12 months of being licensed, was recognized as the top agent in sales and volume for the month of May 2022. Concurrently, he has grown with his paintball team and is competing in professional paintball divisions all over the world from the U.S., to Mexico and even to the European Union.

In his personal time, he enjoys anything with his dog Max, hiking and camping, traveling, attending concerts/music festivals…and, of course, paintball.

Stephen Mazurek with his NXL Paintball MVP plaque and trophy

Some of Stephen’s accomplishments include:

  • First professional paintball tournament win (2014)
  • Certified Ice Cream Scientist (2016)
  • First U.S. National Paintball Series Championship win with Camp Pendleton Raiders (2018)
  • First Professional International Paintball Tournament win with
  • Camp Pendleton Raiders (2022)
  • First in sales for units and volume out of over 40 agents after only 12 months of being licensed (May 2022)

While reflecting on his education in Walled Lake Schools, Stephen said: “First, a quick shout out to Mr. Carlson. As a freshman in his first hour class, he always kept me on my toes (even if I was barely awake). Hopefully he’s still skipping steps. A few teachers I would really like to thank are Mr. Fraz, Mrs. Caie-Bradon, Mrs. Lambert, and Mr. Melcher. Each of them encouraged the best in me and, instead of questioning why I would be gone for a tournament, asked how it went when I returned. Lastly, I would like to thank my mom, Frau Mazurek. In all my time at Northern, I didn’t find another classroom as warm and comforting to student growth as hers.”

Stephen’s advice to students is to follow your passion and, more importantly, enjoy the journey. You never know where it will take you, especially if you are having fun along the way.