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Walled Lake Consolidated Schools

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Bring Your Own Device

Walled Lake Consolidated Schools Bring Your Own Device

In a world where society has normalized the use of the digital technology in everyday life, Walled Lake Consolidated Schools has set up a structure to allows students to use their own personal technology devices in the classroom. 

Although Walled Lake Consolidated Schools provides Chromebooks and desktop computers, an ever increasing number of students bring their own devices to school, allowing teachers to remain at the cutting edge of teaching curriculum through technology.

Today’s employers are looking to hire the most competent, creative, and innovative people. At the heart of our Common Core, we realize that students need to develop creative problem solving skills and become intellectual risk takers to prepare for their futures. Having full-time access to a personal device as a learning tool gives students more opportunities to develop critical thinking and literacy skills, which can be applied to any learning situation.

Minimum Requirements

Parents who choose to enroll their children in the Bring Your Own Device program will purchase/provide a laptop, Chromebook, or tablet with keyboard for their sons or daughters to use at school and home on a daily basis. Students commit to carry their device to school daily for educational purposes.

Students may bring any brand Chromebook purchased within the last three years, a PC laptop with Microsoft Windows 10 or 11 operating system, or Apple laptops purchased within the last three year. Although iPads and other model tablets are convenient for most purposes, the mobile apps do not provide some of the features needed in class. We will allow these (with an external keyboard attached) to be used for our program, but we want families to understand the potential limitations.

*NOTE: Bring your own devices must have at least 4 GB RAM of memory. Any user bringing a laptop must purchase an antivirus program and run regular virus scans. Antivirus protection is the owner’s responsibility.