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Walled Lake Consolidated Schools

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Reproductive Health Committee

Health education is a regular part of the Walled Lake Schools curriculum. This includes reproductive health, personal care, and HIV/AIDS. The  curriculum for this instruction follows the State Michigan Reproductive Health Laws and has been approved by our District Reproductive Health Advisory Board (see below) and our elected Walled Lake School Board.


As a parent, you have the right to opt your child out of receiving all or any portion of this instruction. If you choose this option, an alternative assignment will be provided for your child in an alternative location. Please know that our teachers receive special training in handling these sensitive topics and our teachers provide unbiased information.

If you would like to opt your child out, please sign the Reproductive Health Opt-Out Parent Letter.

Reproductive Health Advisory Board

Member Criteria: 

  • The Board will consist of two co-chairs.
    • One co-chair will be a current parent.
  • Half of the members shall be parents in the district.
    • Majority of the board, who are parents, shall not be employed by the district.
  • A minimum of one student.
  • A minimum of one member of the local clergy.
  • A minimum of one community health professional.
  • Members can serve on the committee as along as the committee is comprised in a manner in which the law is not be violated.
  • Members are recommended to the deputy superintendent for approval by the co-chairs.
  • The deputy superintendent is responsible for determining each members’ term of service and the total number of members.


Major topics for each level include:

5th grade  

 Unit is presented toward the end of each semester the class is taught. 

  • Trimester 1 
    • A Healthy You 
  • Trimester 3
    • Puberty and Changing Bodies
    • Reproduction
    • AIDS / HIV 

7th grade

  • During the 4th marking period. 
    • Review of HIV/ AIDS

Teen Health in 8th/9th grade

  • Topics related to reproductive health:
    • Anatomy and physiology
    • Puberty/ Adolescence Development
    • Identity
    • Pregnancy/ Reproduction
    • STD’s / HIV
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Personal Safety

If you are interested in previewing the materials that will be covered in class, please contact the your child's principal to set up an appointment during school hours.