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Walled Lake Consolidated Schools

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Walled Lake Virtual

Walled Lake Virtual is a fully virtual, online learning program supported by Walled Lake Consolidated Schools certified staff members. In partnership with Edgenuity, Walled Lake Virtual offers coursework for grades 9-12 with daily support from a certified WLCSD teacher (M-F).


  • Technology provided for students
  • Students are enrolled in Edgenuity courses and work at their own pace
  • Schedule is very flexible, but every student has one meeting each day with Walled Lake teachers. Meeting schedules are set at beginning of semester.
  • Daily and weekly progress reports and monitoring.


Academic Success

  • Student progress is carefully monitored by WLV teachers
  • Students continue to have support of their assigned Counselor and Assistant Principal in their home high school

  • Students have daily meetings with WLV teachers.

Teacher/Classroom Success

  • High rate of success compared to other models
  • Daily interactions - virtual meetings

  • Parallels tutoring individual students in their core classes

  • Virtual meetings allow for mini-lessons



Special Education Support

  • Customized classes based on the IEP

  • IEP Students have flexibility to meet only with the Special Services teacher

  • Check-Ins thru Google Meet after school Monday through Thursday

  • IEP Students can make arrangements to email during evenings, weekends, and breaks to allow for continued progress in the program

Elective Courses

  • Variety of opportunities
  • Dual enrollment options are available