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Walled Lake Consolidated Schools

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WLTV Productions is a community television station of the Walled Lake Consolidated Schools. Currently, students in our Media Production Class or involved in the after school broadcasting internship program at Walled Lake Western have the opportunity to produce, videotape, and edit a variety of programs that air on WLTV. 

Some of those programs include; award ceremonies, football games, community events, weekly broadcasts, and much more! Each student has the chance to learn different roles in the broadcasting field such as camera operator, director, CG operator, sound, editor, floor director, and talent. Please stay tuned into WLTV for all your favorite concerts, elementary musicals, sporting events, weekly broadcasts, and all other information regarding Walled Lake Consolidated Schools! 

Media Production and Advanced Media Production 

Media Production is a “hands-on” production class. Students will have an opportunity to combine technical, directing, and performance skills in the field of television. They will create their own projects for broadcast to the community on local cable channels and published on YouTube and social media. The primary focus of this class is acquiring and improving editing skills. Production work outside of class time will be a requirement of this course. Watch past student produced newscasts.

WLTV Program Guide

WLTV Summer Schedule


Friday – Saturday – Sunday

8am – Commerce Talent Show

10am – Legacy Scholarship Awards

11am – Geisler/Creek Choir Concert

Noon – WLW-vs-WLN Volleyball

1pm – WLW Commencements

2:30pm – Smart/Geisler 6th /7th Boys Basketball

4pm – Smart/Geisler 8th Boys Basketball

5:30pm – WLC Commencements

7pm – SBMS Geisler Choir Concert

7:30pm – SBMS Orchestra Concert

8pm – WLW Senior Awards

10pm – WLN-vs-WLW Boys Lacrosse

Monday – Tuesday

7am – W4W Football Game

9:30am – Geisler/SBMS 6th/7th Boy Basketball

11am – SBMS Orchestra Concert

Noon – WLC Senior Awards

2pm – WLC Commencements

3:30pm – WLN-vs-WLC Football Game

6pm – WLW-vs-WLN Girls Basketball

7:30pm –WLN Commencements

9:15pm – WLW Senior Hockey Highlight

9:30pm – WLW Commencement

Wednesday – Thursday

6am – W4W Parade & Ceremony

7am – WLC-vs-WLW Girls Basketball

8:30am – Elementary Choir Concert #1

9:30am – WLN Commencements

11:15am – Elementary Choir Concert #2

Noon – Commerce Ele. Veteran Event #1

12:20pm – Commerce Ele. Veteran Event #2

1pm – WLW-vs-WLN Football Game

3pm – WLC Senior Awards

5pm – WLW Commencements

6:30pm – WLW Pop Concert

8:30pm – WLC Commencements

10pm – Cobras-vs-Lake Orion Water Polo

Watch WLTV

  • Comcast Channel 10 in Walled Lake
  • Comcast Channel 16 in West Bloomfield (Comcast Channel 16 in West Bloomfield does NOT broadcast WLTV on Tuesdays)
  • Spectrum Cable Channel 210 & 216 in Novi
  • AT&T's U-Verse, Channel 99 

Watch Live

WLTV - Behind the Scenes

WLTV Manager

Stephanie Doppke

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    Thank You WOCCCA!

    Although Walled Lake Consolidated Schools fully funds the studio, the program is very fortunate to have a long-standing collaboration with the Western Oakland County Cable Communications Authority (WOCCCA) who continually and consistently support WLTV. Thank you WOCCCA for all your support!